Things we love!

The simplest toys, I often find, are the ones that are open-ended and provide for oodles of fun! These are also the ones that are the most requested! With Bebo, dough seems to be the top contender as an all time favorite.. Throw in some loose flour, some cookie cutters, some food color and it's quite a happening event! Even the grown ups have a hard time not jumping in on the action:)

It's fun to cut out shapes, build structures and designs, change plans, rebuild designs, arrange the shapes, stick them together...The possibilities seem endless.

Usually Bebo does this at the table, while I make hot fresh chapatis for lunch. This time I suggested that we cook what she made and Grandma happily toasted them for us. They were not too bad with ketchup. Sort of like khakras..Crisp and Crunchy.. Bebo enjoyed snacking on them. But Gingy seems to be a more discerning foodie. She took a bite, made a face and gave it back to me with a frown:)

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