Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Peacock Mehendi

Bebu never has wanted Mehendi/ Henna applied on her hands. Up until yesterday!

I was quite surprised when she asked for Mehendi completely voluntarily. Grandma had purchased a henna cone from the market hopeful that someone might use it. Her wishes came true!

Bebu wanted a peacock and had specific instructions on how the feathers had to have eyes and dots and lines that needed to go in a specific direction. Despite my rusty Mehendi drawing skills, she approved of the design.

She patiently sat through the application disappointed to learn that all peacocks were "boys"...

"They shouldn't be the boys.. The peahens should be the boys and the peacocks the girls!"

"And Amma, I want to see Baby Peacocks! And a peacock nest.. and eggs!"

As I finished the design,  I begged her to let me capture a picture.As soon as I clicked, she ran to the sink to wash it off.

"Wait! You are supposed to keep it for longer so that the design can be visible" I said.

"Well, you already got a picture, so you can look at it if you want!" She replied.

It took her less than 5 seconds to undo the partially dried henna. Remarkably there was some impression of a design!

 Here's Bebu's first ever Mehendi that she asked for by choice!


Polka dots and pink: this might be a bit hard for the non pink-polka-dot-dress-lovers to understand, but ask Bebu and she will tell you that wearing a dress like this will just make you want to dance!

Twirling and swirling her skirt to whatever music that was playing, she spontaneously broke into her steps to express her delight about a dress that required celebration!

The pictures quite don't do justice to the emotions! It's hard sometimes to capture the swell of joy in the frame of a camera!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Blinged out!

Bebu definitely has a thing for Bling! And Grandma of course seems to share her passion for shiny sparkly things especially stickers, beads and baubles..

This morning she requested that we make a "Diamond" necklace. (to be said in a whisper with much aura and mystery- just as they do in the movies..)

Here is our inspiration from a google search. The design was chosen by her after scrolling through a bunch of images..

And here is our final product designed by Bebu, bling stickers (from Grandma's stash) all chosen by her for colour and stuck by her- with help from me in only fabricating the structure of necklace..

On the designer herself who was also intent on showing off her pearly whites:)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Rainbow Rice!

The hot summer afternoons are here! Bebu and I have been doing some simple projects staying cool indoors!

One of our first projects: Rainbow Rice.

All you need is old cheap rice and edible food colour. I luckily have an infant who doesn't seem to be interested in putting it in her mouth. But very very interested in mixing, scooping and doing what the Hubs calls "Alchemy":)

Here are some pictures!

Bebu chose the colours. It was my idea to layer it in a glass bottle, but of course Bebu had her own ideas:)

Did you know it takes intense concentration to make rainbow rice?:) 


Lessons learnt from my little alchemist on how to create the perfect rainbow rice: Mix, mix, mix! Scoop, pour and mix again!

If in doubt, just ask Gingy, she'll show you how it's done!:)